Free Online Video Series

thumbnail“Learn To Lucid Dream” Video Series

The first 7 videos in this series discussing lucid dreaming basics to advanced are available to view on my Youtube channel:

Pt 1 – Introduction/ Dream Recall
Pt 2 – Reality Checks
Pt 3 – Dream Signs
Pt 4 – Mid Night Induction (WBTB)/ Maintaining Lucidity
Pt 5 – Meditation/ Thought Manifestationshands thumbnail
Pt 6 – Dream Goals (i) – Flying
Pt 7 – Dream Goals (ii) – Dream Sex
Pt 8 – Dream Goals (iii) – Eliminating Negative Thoughts & Irrational Fears

plus coming very soon…
Pt 9 – Sleep Paralysis Induction (“OBE”)
Pt 10 – Accessing Memories/ “Time Travel”
plus more….video 6 thumbnail

I’ll also take requests for any lucid dream related topics that you would like me to cover in future videos. (Contact me using the link in the main menu)