Lucid Dreaming Class – Sat 20th April – 2.00pm to 4.00pm


Learn To Lucid Dream Class

Learn to become aware while you are asleep and dreaming and open up a whole new world of possibilities limited only by your imagination. We will discuss and practice tried and tested techniques that will allow you to awaken in your dreams where you can experience the amazing world that your mind conjures up for you while you sleep or, take control and create your own adventures in that world without limits.
I wll share my own life long experiences with lucid dreaming with the aim of allowing you to also develop this ability, a powerful tool which allows you to explore the inner workings of your own mind and become the master of your subconscious by a process of consciously eliminating irrational fears and negative thinking habits from the inside thus developing a direct link with your inner self. It will also pave the way for anyone interested in taking it to the next level, namely, astral projection.

Please click below to buy your ticket for this event. Price £10 Alternatively please get in touch through Meetup or the Contact link on my website if you’d like to pay by other means, pay on the night, require a concession (concessions – £5) or genuinely can’t afford the fee.

For more info on the class or to check out my other classes/ groups click here.

This class will be held at:

The Heart Centre
Merchant’s House
Law’s Close
341 High Street

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