Group reality check from Learn to Lucid Dream class Aug ’18

Learn To Lucid Dream Class – TBA

Astral Projection/ OoBE Class -TBA

Lucid Dreaming Discussion Group – TBA

Intermediate Class – (TBA)

Here you will find details of my regular Learn To Lucid Dream/ Astral Projection classes and associated groups.

Cost is £10 per class (Free – £5.00 concessions. £15 for Source Events workshops). The discussion group will have a small charge to cover room hire/ costs etc (£3 – £5).  Spaces are limited so booking is recommended. If you have any questions please use the Contact link in the main menu. More details are below.

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Book for the classes/ groups here (booking is available once the date for a class has been announced above):

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Click here for Learn To Lucid Dream Class
Click here for Lucid Dream Discussion Group
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Learn To Lucid Dream Class –

Learn to become aware while you are asleep and dreaming, overcome nightmares and open up a whole new world of possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Experience the amazing world that your mind conjures up for you while you sleep or take control and create your own adventures in a world without limits.

This ability to consciously explore the inner workings of your own mind will allow you to become the master of your subconscious by eliminating irrational fears and negative thinking habits from the inside and developing a direct link with your inner self.

This upcoming class will teach you the most effective techniques for inducing lucid dreams and start you on this amazing journey into your inner world.

OBE/ Astral Projection Class

Explore this amazing ability that allows you to project your awareness into realms beyond your mind.  We will look at the unique states of consciousness associated with the sleeping/ dreaming mind.  Specifically the phenomena of sleep paralysis and dreams. Becoming aware during these natural states – which all of us experience every night – can be used to our advantage as a gateway into astral projection.

We’ll also explore the use of lucid dreaming as a training ground for the experiences that will arise on your journey into other dimensions.

Intermediate Class

As well as a refresher on the techniques for inducing lucidity it will cover other aspects like: 

How to maintain the lucid dream once achieved.
How to set up dream goals (e.g., eliminating negative thoughts/ irrational fears)

How to use Sleep Paralysis for entering lucid dreams.

The class will be limited to 4 attendees so as to cater to your individual needs. So, whether you need help with any of the techniques for inducing lucididty or any of the topics mentioned above, this class will provide the perfect opportunity for you to get advice and to work on your particular issues.

Lucid Dreaming Discussion Group

Meet and discuss this amazing ability with like-minded others. Share your experiences, discuss techniques, practice induction methods, talk about your personal progress etc. plus, when the weather improves there is a large garden at the rear of the Salisbury centre which we can be used for practising induction exercises and the like. On our Meetup page you can comment to suggest a day that suits you – click here