Stewart Bell

Stewart BellStewart Bell is a composer, keys player & lucid dream teacher based in Scotland. He joined the already established Citizen Cain in the late 1980’s and took the role as the main composer/ keys player for this renowned progressive rock outfit. The band produced many albums over the years culminating with what many considered to be their best work to date, Skies Darken, which was released in 2012, followed by the re-release of their entire back catalogue in 2013.

Stewart then pursued a solo career and startedalbum-cover-500 production on a project entitled “The Antechamber Of Being”, the main part being a trilogy of concept albums featuring several guest vocalists who play the parts of the different characters in the story. The story is based on Stewart’s long term experience as a lucid dreamer, a journey which started when he was 6 years old with a recurring nightmare that prompted his older brother to teach him how to be aware when he was dreaming

Story-Book-cover-HQ500-e1438773393826As part of the project Stewart chronicled this first ever experience in a storybook aimed at teaching children to overcome their own nightmares through lucid dreaming. Written and illustrated by Bell himself the storybook was released along with the first part of the album trilogy in Oct. 2014.   A revised re-issue of the storybook came out in May ’16 including a new foreword by acclaimed author and international speaker on lucid dreaming Robert Waggoner.

The project also inspired him to start facilitating lucid dreaming classes in his hometown Edinburgh. As well as the ongoing project and classes Stewart hopes to be able to use the storybook in special workshops held in local schools/ libraries with the purpose of introducing children to the world of lucid dreaming.

Part 2 of his album trilogy was released in Feb ’17 and a new storybook is in the pipeline for 2017/ 18 ….

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