A Cupboard Of Fear Selfie with Robert Waggoner!

robert & bookA storyboard version of my lucid dreaming themed storybook on display in the “Dream Art Exhibition” at the annual conference of The International Association for the Study of Dreams. I couldn’t make it to the conference, held in The Netherlands over the past weekend, but here’s a selfie from Robert Waggoner who kindly got me a shot of my work on display. The renowned author and international speaker on lucid dreaming also provided the foreword for the storybook which was released last month.
All entries for the exhibition had to be hand-delivered to the conference centre in Kerkrade, something that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Liesbeth Dulcimer, who very kindly hand-delivered the storyboard for me and, Nathan Segers, who put me in touch with this very talented vocalist/ musician living in the vicinity of the venue. Incidentally, Liesbeth, who performs under the name Elvya (www.elvya.be) recently made a guest appearance on an album entitled Lost In the New Real, by Dutch multi-instrumentalist composer/ singer Arjen Lucassen, who also happens to be the vocalist who played the part of the monster in the cupboard in my musical adaptation of the story from The Cupboard Of Fear (from the concept album The Antechamber Of Being – Part 1). It’s a small world after all!

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