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“Time Dilation” – a music video by Stewart Bell

This site is dedicated to the teaching of lucid dreaming, which is the amazing ability to be aware that you are dreaming while you are in a dream. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept then click here for a brief overview. In the main menu above you will find links to my free online video series, upcoming lucid dreaming classes, reality check merchandise, info on my trilogy of concept albums (The Antechamber Of Being) and children’s storybook (The Cupboard Of Fear)both based on my lifelong experience as a lucid dreamerour lucid dreaming Facebook group and more. To the right you’ll find our recent posts….

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Latest News 07/03/18 – I’m currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for my ongoing lucid dreaming themed project The Antechamber Of Being which includes a trilogy of concept albums, 2 storybooks, an EP plus, accompanying art-books. So far I’ve completed two of the albums, a storybook and an art-book. As you can imagine, producing this type of material involves a lot of work and funding is always essential in order for the project to continue smoothly. To that end I have designed some t-shirts featuring; the artwork from my project plus; 5 classic album covers from Citizen Cain’s back catalogue (artwork by vocalist and bass player Cyrus). Please click here to visit my campaign page to find out more and to support the project if you can. Thank you.

28/02/2017 – The Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) – OUT NOW!!  – The second part in my trilogy of concept albums based on my lifelong experiences with lucid dreaming is OUT NOW. You can buy it on my band’s website, click here, where you can also watch a video for one of the songs entitled “Time Dilation”.

19/09/16 – The fundraiser for The Antechamber Of Being Part 2 is now over but you can still help out by pre-ordering the album from our shop – click here. (this link will take you to the website dedicated to my musical projects)

Part 2 in Stewart Bell’s lucid dreaming themed trilogy of concept albums featuring Ayreon’s Arjen Lucassen, Simone Rossetti from The Watch, Bekah Comrie from Grace & Legend and Citizen Cain’s Phil Allen. This epic rock opera is available on CD, digital download, CD with your name in the credits or Special Edition hardback art/ concept/ lyric book and CD (also with your name in the credits).

12/07/2016 – The fundraiser is now live for The Antechamber Of Being part 2, the second installment in Stewart Bell’s lucid dreaming themed trilogy of concept albums. Click here for more info.

19/05/16 – The Cupboard Of Fear – OUT NOW – A storybook aimed at helping children (and adults!) to overcome their nightmares by teaching them how to lucid dream. Click here for more info.

27/02/16 – Lucid Dreaming Storybook, “The Cupboard Of Fear”, and Reality Check Tools now available! – WE DID IT!!! The Kickstarter campaign was successful, the funds were raised to publish my storybook and my lucid dreaming fun tools!! Thank you everyone for your support. The Cupboard Of Fear is aimed at teaching children (and adults!) to overcome their nightmares with lucid dreaming – plus – my new reality check tools will help you remember that all important lucid dream induction exercise. Click here for more info.